PedNet Group

The PEDiatric NETwork for haemophilia management (PedNet group) is a collaboration framework consisting of physicians who treat children with haemophilia and allied disorders. The group is used as a forum to:

  • Exchange experiences on paediatric care of haemophilia
  • Perform research in the field of haemophilia and related coagulation disorders

Physicians specialised in haemophilia can become partner of the PedNet group by invitation from the PedNet Management Board. In January 2021 the PedNet group consisted of 33 members from 19 countries each representing one of the Haemophilia treatment centres participating in the PedNet Registry

Every three year the PedNet Group publishes a Research Program. There are several active working groups that are responsible for various studies using the data of the PedNet Registry. Every member of the PedNet group participates in at least one working group.

Click here to download the most recent PedNet Research Program.

Members of the PedNet Study Group present at the PedNet meeting in Leuven 2019